Pet Session Notes 2016

Many thanks for your submissions for your pets as well as all animals. Someone made an intention that all animals be cleared for abuse, abandonment, hurt, living in pain and more. It was definitely an all inclusive intention and led to a very interesting session.

The session began with getting the animals connected to their own divinity. Cleared some archetypes of intimacy including: eternal joy and eternal love. They needed to feel grounded by the Trees. And cleared for their physical sexual organs (many are neutered, right?)
Then did a mop up. This is a request in Spiritual Response Technique and it clears lots of things to support the animals (such as closing any holes in the aura, balances chakras etc).

I was guided to wait to complete the clearing which I was able to return to in the evening on Thurs Jan 21. Pulling from some of the intentions, cleared: fighting amongst pets, abandonment, creepy energies in the home, stress, anxiety and more. So here’s where it starts to get interesting…had to clear for the animals to be comfortable in the different dimensions. Animals exist in the 2, 3, 4, and 5th dimensions. Initially, on the whole, they weren’t comfortably in each dimension. IN the end, they are now in dimensions 3-5 very comfortably but in the 2nd dimension only 80% which the muscle checking shows is perfect. For clearing here, they needed crystalline restructuring and support in the back of the sacral chakra and in the root chakra.
Next up personal boundaries needed clearing. Boundaries between owner and animals and owner to owner. Pet owners needed to become free from secrets. We know our pets pick up discordant energies from us…and hold the energies. Secrets can come from our current issues and everyday lives but also from our ancestors. We can also hold someone else’s secrets…and then our pets hold someone else’s secrets…all cleared.
Much of the session included a repatterning that balanced the pets’ Elements. The 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine are: Fire, Metal, Water, Earth, and Wood. A relationship coherence needed to be restored between the pets and their owners. When we do this repatterning, we identify the relationship that is needing support. In this case, the statement came up as: “My role as a pet”.
To balance this role, the Metal element for the pets was needed because the Wood element was off. So, Metal is about self-worth, feeling good about oneself, feeling like one has purpose and being included. Wood is about positive self-assertion, hope, enjoying structure and routine, timeliness. Think about your pet. Do you provide opportunities for your pet to feel included? Wood is telling me that our pets may not feel hopeful and strong. And do you honor any routines they depend on such as dinnertime the same day, coming home after work and acknowledging your pet after being away. Some many tiny routines that are acknowledged can go a long way with a pet as we know.
Moving into the session, the Fire element got accessed to bring in Joy. Here is the statement that relates to the Fire element: I bring joy to relationships when this is needed. Then an incomplete relationship with the pet’s Mother needed support. Almost all pets have abandonment issues and feeling incomplete with the mother happens often as pets are whisked away for adoption.

The modality that was needed was to place pink light onto a Kidney meridian point. This point is a Spirit level point #23. It’s on the right side on the chest…actually in line with the breast. Kidney meridian is about restoring vital energy in the body. Pink light is about unconditional love. So connecting with unconditional love to overcome fear is what was needed with this modality.

Here are some other intentions from the submissions that the pets now resonate with:
“My younger pet is respectful and loving of his older brother.
My pet is loved by all of us.
I want my bird to be calm and happy and healthy.
My pet feels safe in every cell of her body. She feels secure, protected by divine light and love. I invoke angels, protectors, and divine beings to love, support and protect the animals.
Our cats resume their loving cat relationship. They hang out together again, groom each other and generally live in peace and harmony. Our dog gets along with them and leaves them in peace and harmony.”

What a wonderful way to begin the new year for our pets and the animals on the planet.

Many blessings to them! Next Pet Clearing January 2017

About Karen Kent

Karen is a Holistic Health Counselor and Social Worker. She uses traditional and non-traditional therapies in her work. She is certified in Resonance Repatterning and is a certified consultant and teacher of Spiritual Response Technique. She often uses energetic healing techniques with clients who live a long distance away. Her passion is working with and supporting people who are motivated and actively on their Spiritual journey. Currently she a past President of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.
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