Loving Your Pet Session Notes January 18th, 2018

Pet Session Notes January 2018

The session was completed January 18th, 2018. Thanks to all the pets who participated in the session. There were over 30 submissions. Types of animals included were dogs, cats, birds and horses. Here are some issues our pets were dealing with: bullying; picky eating; lack of exercise; specific organ and gland issues such as kidney and thyroid; rescue pets and their adoption issues (as well as emotional issues); overall health issues; peeing where the pet isn’t supposed to; stress related to family members and friends; and much more. I’ll share some of the intentions that were submitted but first let’s get into the session notes.

We began with an area in the Resonance Repatterning® process called Problems Into Opportunities. There was one issue from all the submissions that proxied for all the submissions. So, what this means is that all the submissions are being represented by this one issue and that one is: separation anxiety. Even in the best of circumstances, many pets experience anxiety as they complete nursing or perhaps are adopted out before they are ready. Some emotions related to this anxiety was sadness, anger and fear (in general) and fear of being left alone.

In addition to some of these problems, an additional stressor was identified and it has to do with having a lack of purpose. I remember in the 2017 Pet session this came up as well. To clear resonance with all of the Pet issues, the Commitment Repatterning was needed to support each Pet’s overall health and well-being. The beginning intention for this repatterning was: “I commit myself (the pet) 100% to exercise”. (Funny to think of animals having commitments!) These next two statements the animals resonate with to support them with their purpose:

“Reclaiming my power, I pay attention to rewarding and empowering concerns.

I receive all the sunlight I need.”

There was an early experience of being abandoned and feeling scared that got cleared. When we (adults and pets) resonate with traumatic earlier experiences, we still try to seek an unmet need that wasn’t available for us when we were little. In this case, sunlight was the unmet need. I’m pretty sure my dog came from a puppy mill where the conditions were not healthy nor was there sunlight.

Next we move into another system. It comes from a healer named Don Taylor. He has a procedure to clear for the Monad. The Monad in humans sits approximately 2 inches above the navel. My sense on the Monad placement in the animals could be different but I’m sure its probably centrally located as well. Per Don Taylor’s description: “The monad is the perfect aspect of each individual. Each individual monad is considered to be a differentiated aspect of one divine reality….The unfoldment of the monad is one of the reasons the manifest universe comes into existence….the well-being that flows from the support of our life purpose in this incarnation will be bathed in the light of our essence, the light of our monad.”

Essentially, we need to have full access to our Monad. The clearing that followed next was to clear so the Monad is free from any encasement, is properly connected with Source, soul family, hara, aura, nadis and chakras, physical body and the earth’s core. The Monad for the pets are cleared for no restrictions now! Lastly, with the help of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, the Monad is shining brightly through all levels of being.

From Don R Taylor Esoteric Tuning

The last modality that was needed was to apply Jin Shin Jyutsu. This hands on technique balances and restores flows in the body. The Liver Function flow was needed to support the digestive area including the esophagus and lungs. Jin Shin is an ancient Japanese tradition of healing that works deeply in the body and even the soul.

Here are some of the intentions that were submitted. The group resonates with them!

“My kidney and thyroid issues are healed.

My limping subsides.

I am happy and healthy in my new home.

I am more affectionate with my owners and fellow animals in the home.

We are relaxed when our owners are out of town. We adapt easily to the pet sitter who cares for us properly.

Nothing stops me from loving my dog life! (cat life, bird life)

I get more exercise.

My hotspots go away.

My cat uses the litter box.

My pets pee where they are supposed to pee!

I have a healthy appetite.

I am relaxed, confident, secure, calm and supremely happy.

My pets are peaceful, joyful, healthy and happy without stress.”

All of the statements cleared but these were the ones that checked to share for the group. I pray each of your pets feel better from the session.

Much love and many blessings,


Next session: January 2019!






About Karen Kent

Karen is a Holistic Health Counselor and Social Worker. She uses traditional and non-traditional therapies in her work. She is certified in Resonance Repatterning and is a certified consultant and teacher of Spiritual Response Technique. She often uses energetic healing techniques with clients who live a long distance away. Her passion is working with and supporting people who are motivated and actively on their Spiritual journey. Currently she a past President of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.
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