2019 Pet Session Notes

Hi everyone,

Here are the notes from the 2019 session. The next session will January 16th, 2020. If you are interested in having your pet be cleared in that session, email Karen at Karen.windsorholistichealth@gmail.com and you’ll receive a questionaire for making submissions. All submissions are confidential.

2019 NOtes:

Pet Clearing
January 2019

The session was completed on January 23rd. Thank you all for the submissions and I hope your pet has experienced some positive shifts from the clearing. Many kinds of animals were included such as dogs, cats, cattle, birds, fish, beavers. It was optional to include the type of pet you were making submissions for so if I didn’t include your pet that is okay because your submissions were entered into the clearing.
To have an idea of what some of the issues for the pets were like, here’s a sampling of what is going on (or what WAS going on for your pet):
Issues such as: Post traumatic stress, poor eating, kidney failure, screaming (excessive barking or noise making), anxiety, trembling, traveling long distance, lack of trust, fear, separation anxiety, eating disorder, aggression, and many various kinds of health ailments. These are just a few behaviors and concerns that were submitted.
Various modalities were required to complete the clearing. We began with clearing deep at the cellular level to remove retention of toxins in the body. This section was to help clear and heal any conditions from lineage manipulation that was inherited. While this part of the clearing focused mainly on the physical cells and the subtle bodies of the animals, emotional/mental well-being was also addressed. I have this little tiny book called The Essence of Attitude and a simple little phrase was needed to support the group. The phrase is “Positive attitudes create a chain reaction of positive thoughts.” It feels like this statement may be our pets telling us to check our environments because we know that our pets can take on our stuff. Do a Self-check and see if you may be creating discordant energy in the pet environment by your actions in the home. The message…change it up to a positive note so we feel good too!
Following up on this ‘positive’ note, a Spiritual Healing pattern was needed from the book (of the same name) by Robert Detzler. The pattern is called Stress. Uses of this pattern can relieve worry and obsessive thoughts. “This causes excessive emotions or inappropriate actions….stomach upset, sleeplessness, heart palpitations, indigestion, backache and a short temper”. I think its really revealing that this pattern came up for the group. It tells us a lot about the level of stress our pets are experiencing.
From Resonance Repatterning® the Kidney Meridian Repatterning was needed to clear for depletion of reserves (of energy or other various ailments). To support this meridian, Rose Quartz essence was placed onto the right Kidney 7 meridian point. This point is about a half inch above the ankle on the hind leg (depending on the pet). This point has a cleansing effect and helps to recharge one’s batteries. The Rose Quartz essence is an animal rehabilitation essence which helps to heal emotional scars, it allows bonds of trust and confidence to form and hopefully have fears and aggression erased. It can help create a new start for the animal. From Crystal Healing for Animal by Martin J. Scot and Gael Mariani

Essentially, the intentions that were submitted were in support of the animals to be happy, stress-free, healthy, strong, and to feel safe. Here are some of the submissions that the group resonates with:
“My dog is strong, healthy, and functions really well for her age.
My pet knows there will always be enough food, and there is no need to be scared.
My pets manage the traveling easily and they arrive safely.
My pet feels safe and loved fully and completely lives a long and happy life.
My pet is pain-free.
The beavers find abundance of material in the woods and create an awesome home.
My pet feels safe and comfortable in the house and outside.
My pet feels at peace, takened care of, and absolutely loved and wanted.
My pets eyes are clear, shiny and bright. Her healing happens from deep within her and shines outward.
Toxins move out of her body easily and gently.
Her hips are smooth and flow easily with her gait.
She loves jumping for her treats.
My pet feels safe and comfortable when there is noise or when she is separated from me.”

While not all the submissions were included in these notes from the session (but they were all cleared in the session), check in on your pet and hopefully you’ve noticed some changes in behavior, mood, appetite, etc.

Many thanks for supporting the work and the animal kingdom. Next Pet clearing will be January 2020!

With love,

Beaver update: not sure what is going on over there. In New Jersey, two weeks after the session was done, we were in a state of emergency. Nothing happened except on that Sunday, the water in the brook rose from the rain and almost the entire beaver housing floated downstream. The beaver home had become massive (huge real estate in the brook) and its incredible that almost all of it went downstream. There’s some makings of the home left but it is very small. We’ve seen them swim in the brook but there doesn’t seem to be too much activity. As I had mentioned in the advertising for this session, there is symbolism when animals come into our lives. The beavers were information for me and my children about home life. I encourage you to observe your environment and see what nature is trying to tell you. I’m always in awe of what shows up and am full of gratitude for the messages that the animal kingdom can provide for us.

About Karen Kent

Karen is a Holistic Health Counselor and Social Worker. She uses traditional and non-traditional therapies in her work. She is certified in Resonance Repatterning and is a certified consultant and teacher of Spiritual Response Technique. She often uses energetic healing techniques with clients who live a long distance away. Her passion is working with and supporting people who are motivated and actively on their Spiritual journey. Currently she a past President of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.
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