About Windsor Holistic Health

Where does effective healing begin? At Windsor Holistic Health we believe it starts at the soul level. At the soul level, healing can address all aspects of health including physical issues, emotional, mental, relationships, even career…many many apsects to well-being.

Each of us has an intuitive knowing or an internal guidance system but few access its full healing potential.  It is this eternal thread that is common in each of us. Let us help you tap into this profound potential that is a deep part of who you are and who you want to become.


Many come to Windsor Holistic Health when traditional therapies haven’t worked, or they feel chronically stuck, or they just instinctively know there is an energy block they can’t access. For example, people say to us ‘I know there is a block right in front of me and I can’t describe it and I don’t know how to get through it. It’s preventing me from moving forward.’ Or, ‘I have been going to a traditional practitioner for many years with no results lately so I need something else to support my health plan’.

In our model there is no one right therapy – only the one that will work for you on the terms guided by your soul’s wisdom.  Our complimentary group of services combines traditional licensed counseling services with energy psychology or alternative healing methods that work at the soul level and offers an individual approach.   These may include Spiritual Response Technique, Resonance Repatterning®, nutritional counseling and others.  In incremental steps we help you to move layers of patterns for deeper wholeness and healing.  This holistic approach has helped many regain their sense of self, inner peace, confidence and joy.

Why does our approach work?

When healing methods are integrated for the well being of our soul we can feel happier, more like ourselves, content and in the flow of life no matter what challenges life presents to us.  It raises our vibration into rippling positive vibes throughout our network of relationships ultimately creating a more peaceful and prosperous community and world.

Our practitioners work psychically, physically, deep into the cellular level. Our bodies have old memories stored at this level. Clearing these memories can ease the weight of past trauma, disappointments, heartache, and health abuse. In each cell, there are four levels contained in it: physical, emotional, and mental levels. The fourth level is the biggest chunk and it is the spiritual level. It is this level of the cellular weight that gets cleared through our services. Once this is cleared, the other areas can begin to get cleared.

You are sure to find a practitioner through Windsor Holistic Health Services who can nurture the eternal common thread that directs your own inherent guidance system.


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