2019 Pet Session Notes

Hi everyone,

Here are the notes from the 2019 session. The next session will January 16th, 2020. If you are interested in having your pet be cleared in that session, email Karen at Karen.windsorholistichealth@gmail.com and you’ll receive a questionaire for making submissions. All submissions are confidential.

2019 NOtes:

Pet Clearing
January 2019

The session was completed on January 23rd. Thank you all for the submissions and I hope your pet has experienced some positive shifts from the clearing. Many kinds of animals were included such as dogs, cats, cattle, birds, fish, beavers. It was optional to include the type of pet you were making submissions for so if I didn’t include your pet that is okay because your submissions were entered into the clearing.
To have an idea of what some of the issues for the pets were like, here’s a sampling of what is going on (or what WAS going on for your pet):
Issues such as: Post traumatic stress, poor eating, kidney failure, screaming (excessive barking or noise making), anxiety, trembling, traveling long distance, lack of trust, fear, separation anxiety, eating disorder, aggression, and many various kinds of health ailments. These are just a few behaviors and concerns that were submitted.
Various modalities were required to complete the clearing. We began with clearing deep at the cellular level to remove retention of toxins in the body. This section was to help clear and heal any conditions from lineage manipulation that was inherited. While this part of the clearing focused mainly on the physical cells and the subtle bodies of the animals, emotional/mental well-being was also addressed. I have this little tiny book called The Essence of Attitude and a simple little phrase was needed to support the group. The phrase is “Positive attitudes create a chain reaction of positive thoughts.” It feels like this statement may be our pets telling us to check our environments because we know that our pets can take on our stuff. Do a Self-check and see if you may be creating discordant energy in the pet environment by your actions in the home. The message…change it up to a positive note so we feel good too!
Following up on this ‘positive’ note, a Spiritual Healing pattern was needed from the book (of the same name) by Robert Detzler. The pattern is called Stress. Uses of this pattern can relieve worry and obsessive thoughts. “This causes excessive emotions or inappropriate actions….stomach upset, sleeplessness, heart palpitations, indigestion, backache and a short temper”. I think its really revealing that this pattern came up for the group. It tells us a lot about the level of stress our pets are experiencing.
From Resonance Repatterning® the Kidney Meridian Repatterning was needed to clear for depletion of reserves (of energy or other various ailments). To support this meridian, Rose Quartz essence was placed onto the right Kidney 7 meridian point. This point is about a half inch above the ankle on the hind leg (depending on the pet). This point has a cleansing effect and helps to recharge one’s batteries. The Rose Quartz essence is an animal rehabilitation essence which helps to heal emotional scars, it allows bonds of trust and confidence to form and hopefully have fears and aggression erased. It can help create a new start for the animal. From Crystal Healing for Animal by Martin J. Scot and Gael Mariani

Essentially, the intentions that were submitted were in support of the animals to be happy, stress-free, healthy, strong, and to feel safe. Here are some of the submissions that the group resonates with:
“My dog is strong, healthy, and functions really well for her age.
My pet knows there will always be enough food, and there is no need to be scared.
My pets manage the traveling easily and they arrive safely.
My pet feels safe and loved fully and completely lives a long and happy life.
My pet is pain-free.
The beavers find abundance of material in the woods and create an awesome home.
My pet feels safe and comfortable in the house and outside.
My pet feels at peace, takened care of, and absolutely loved and wanted.
My pets eyes are clear, shiny and bright. Her healing happens from deep within her and shines outward.
Toxins move out of her body easily and gently.
Her hips are smooth and flow easily with her gait.
She loves jumping for her treats.
My pet feels safe and comfortable when there is noise or when she is separated from me.”

While not all the submissions were included in these notes from the session (but they were all cleared in the session), check in on your pet and hopefully you’ve noticed some changes in behavior, mood, appetite, etc.

Many thanks for supporting the work and the animal kingdom. Next Pet clearing will be January 2020!

With love,

Beaver update: not sure what is going on over there. In New Jersey, two weeks after the session was done, we were in a state of emergency. Nothing happened except on that Sunday, the water in the brook rose from the rain and almost the entire beaver housing floated downstream. The beaver home had become massive (huge real estate in the brook) and its incredible that almost all of it went downstream. There’s some makings of the home left but it is very small. We’ve seen them swim in the brook but there doesn’t seem to be too much activity. As I had mentioned in the advertising for this session, there is symbolism when animals come into our lives. The beavers were information for me and my children about home life. I encourage you to observe your environment and see what nature is trying to tell you. I’m always in awe of what shows up and am full of gratitude for the messages that the animal kingdom can provide for us.

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Advanced SRT class Galveston Texas

April 13,14,15 2019

Pre-requisite: Basic SRT

To read more or register:


Contact Karen Kent 609-443-8039

Follow for other classes using SRT and ReDivining The Matrix

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Loving Your Pet Session Notes January 18th, 2018

Pet Session Notes January 2018

The session was completed January 18th, 2018. Thanks to all the pets who participated in the session. There were over 30 submissions. Types of animals included were dogs, cats, birds and horses. Here are some issues our pets were dealing with: bullying; picky eating; lack of exercise; specific organ and gland issues such as kidney and thyroid; rescue pets and their adoption issues (as well as emotional issues); overall health issues; peeing where the pet isn’t supposed to; stress related to family members and friends; and much more. I’ll share some of the intentions that were submitted but first let’s get into the session notes.

We began with an area in the Resonance Repatterning® process called Problems Into Opportunities. There was one issue from all the submissions that proxied for all the submissions. So, what this means is that all the submissions are being represented by this one issue and that one is: separation anxiety. Even in the best of circumstances, many pets experience anxiety as they complete nursing or perhaps are adopted out before they are ready. Some emotions related to this anxiety was sadness, anger and fear (in general) and fear of being left alone.

In addition to some of these problems, an additional stressor was identified and it has to do with having a lack of purpose. I remember in the 2017 Pet session this came up as well. To clear resonance with all of the Pet issues, the Commitment Repatterning was needed to support each Pet’s overall health and well-being. The beginning intention for this repatterning was: “I commit myself (the pet) 100% to exercise”. (Funny to think of animals having commitments!) These next two statements the animals resonate with to support them with their purpose:

“Reclaiming my power, I pay attention to rewarding and empowering concerns.

I receive all the sunlight I need.”

There was an early experience of being abandoned and feeling scared that got cleared. When we (adults and pets) resonate with traumatic earlier experiences, we still try to seek an unmet need that wasn’t available for us when we were little. In this case, sunlight was the unmet need. I’m pretty sure my dog came from a puppy mill where the conditions were not healthy nor was there sunlight.

Next we move into another system. It comes from a healer named Don Taylor. He has a procedure to clear for the Monad. The Monad in humans sits approximately 2 inches above the navel. My sense on the Monad placement in the animals could be different but I’m sure its probably centrally located as well. Per Don Taylor’s description: “The monad is the perfect aspect of each individual. Each individual monad is considered to be a differentiated aspect of one divine reality….The unfoldment of the monad is one of the reasons the manifest universe comes into existence….the well-being that flows from the support of our life purpose in this incarnation will be bathed in the light of our essence, the light of our monad.”

Essentially, we need to have full access to our Monad. The clearing that followed next was to clear so the Monad is free from any encasement, is properly connected with Source, soul family, hara, aura, nadis and chakras, physical body and the earth’s core. The Monad for the pets are cleared for no restrictions now! Lastly, with the help of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, the Monad is shining brightly through all levels of being.

From Don R Taylor Esoteric Tuning

The last modality that was needed was to apply Jin Shin Jyutsu. This hands on technique balances and restores flows in the body. The Liver Function flow was needed to support the digestive area including the esophagus and lungs. Jin Shin is an ancient Japanese tradition of healing that works deeply in the body and even the soul.

Here are some of the intentions that were submitted. The group resonates with them!

“My kidney and thyroid issues are healed.

My limping subsides.

I am happy and healthy in my new home.

I am more affectionate with my owners and fellow animals in the home.

We are relaxed when our owners are out of town. We adapt easily to the pet sitter who cares for us properly.

Nothing stops me from loving my dog life! (cat life, bird life)

I get more exercise.

My hotspots go away.

My cat uses the litter box.

My pets pee where they are supposed to pee!

I have a healthy appetite.

I am relaxed, confident, secure, calm and supremely happy.

My pets are peaceful, joyful, healthy and happy without stress.”

All of the statements cleared but these were the ones that checked to share for the group. I pray each of your pets feel better from the session.

Much love and many blessings,


Next session: January 2019!






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2018 Loving Your Pet Session January 18th

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Winter Solstice 2017 submission form

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2018 Loving Your Pet Repatterning

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Spring Repatterning Session Notes 2017

The Spring session was completed on March 30th, 2017. So many of your submissions related to wanting to be free from old patterns and being held bondage to horrible memories, hurtful relationships, illness patterns and overall negativity. From Resonance Repatterning®, The Unresolved Past Communications Repatterning was needed. This repatterning seeks to integrate the Left and Right hemispheres for understanding or give meaning to an earlier event in life. When we are very young, the right side of the brain makes all the assessments of life as we see it, feel it, and know it. It works with symbols and images. The Left side of the brain actually doesn’t come on board till we are about seven or eight years of age. The left side helps to rationalize events and provide understanding as to why things are happening. So, this session was able to provide some new updated understanding of some event that occurred around the age of 5 with our Father (father figure, substitute male figure). So you may not have had a specific situation at age 5 with your father so some of the following details may not be quite right for you. That’s ok. The wisdom of the muscle checking for the group will still clear for you on some level.

We started off with an Intention for a New Possibility. This was taken from one of the positive submissions from someone in the group. We all resonate with it: “I am open to allowing more joy and creativity in my life”.

For the repatterning, some difficult situation and physical issue were entered into the session. These came from some of the issues that were submitted. There was quite a range and they centered around things like allergies, cancer, overall health and well-being issues, relationship issues, career and abundance issues (or lack thereof).

For the early experience at age 5 with the father, fear was cleared and also a belief that life is unpredictable. The group no longer resonates with these two items from this age.Two brain areas needed support: the Occipital lobe and the Corpus Callosum. Here are two statements for each area that the group resonates with:

Occipital lobe: I visualize with clarity what I want to achieve and I achieve it.

Corpus Callosum(this is the neural bridge that links the two brain hemispheres): I balance and access all my various qualities and strengths each moment in time.

Then there is a part where our child aspect needed to say something to Father and hear something from Father:

Child aspect needed to say to Father at age 5:” I need you to hold me, love me but you turned on me and scared me.”

Father steps in and says to the child aspect: “I show my affection in different ways. I never meant to scare you or make you feel unsafe. I love you.”

Some other statements from the repatterning that we resonate with:

“I feel joy and fulfillment.

I am so happy.

My lung (which is where we were holding sadness and grief) hears, integrates, and now has understanding and wisdom”.

The Modality to shift our frequencies:

Placed a tuning fork onto Lumbar 2 which can support breathing. Also had to breathe in the essential oil Ylang Ylang. This oil is known for supporting the Inner Child and is a powerful remedy for the heart. It can help release bottled up anger and sadness and release emotional trauma from the past.

Here are some of the coherent and positive submissions that the group now resonates with:

“I am able to find my own place to live.

I let go and allow. I accept and transform: grow and prosper.

I am less stressed and enjoy my family and my pregnancy.

I take long walks in the sun.

I am in the flow with the cycles of nature.

I trust that what happens is in Divine Order.

I follow my heart. I allow myself to play and explore. I learn more about things that interest me.

I offer all my concerns to God”.

And lastly, 2 cards were drawn from the Perelandra (read about Perelandra below) cards for both the garden and our soil-less gardens. The garden of course is the physical manifestation of nature and even our relationships and projects. The soil-less garden represents our personal life cycle. The two cards drawn are Structure and Function and Life Experience. See how Structure and Function applies for you in terms of how your projects, situations, past hurts have gotten you where you are today ~ from seed to plant (manifestation). In addition, its about Order. Think to yourself what chaos needs to come into order? And from Life Experience, consider these past experiences and observe how these thoughts, intentions, or actions have taken form. Observe the environment and others around you as your projects, new relationships, or new actions unfold. You can create NEW life experiences by being conscious of what it is you want to get rid of. Write it down and act on it. Spring….time for new beginnings!


Perelandra Cards:

For your gardens Structure and Function~ The structure of and function within a larger picture or project. Order.

For your personal life cycle ( the soil-less garden): Life Experience~ Gaining knowledge through new life experience.

Next repatterning: June 21st, 2017 Summer Solstice

Perelandra is a wonderful company that celebrates the individual by using essences and working very closely with nature intelligences. Everything they offer is geared to support people to live in environmentally friendly ways by co-creating with their surroundings on the physical level but also in those soil-less gardens such as relationships, work, creative projects etc. Read more about them at www.perelandra-ltd.com



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2017 Spring Equinox Session

Send your submissions by midnight March 27th. The session will be done on March 28th.





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Eat your carrots!

Savvy posts beginning NOW on bringing home veges to the table! Watch for more~

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2017 Pet Session Notes

2017 Pet Session

January 26, 2017

Thank you everyone for your submissions for the Pet Repatterning. This email contains the followup feedback from the session. Some of you are receiving this newsletter email who may not have intended to be included in the repatterning. If so, you can ignore this email. If you would like to be included now in the repatterning (if you hadn’t sent in any submissions prior to the session), you can actually ‘retro-intend’ yourself into the session and get the benefit of the repatterning. To do so, just make the conscious intention that you and your be included in the session as you read the notes.

All of the submissions are confidential and I do not know who sends the submissions. The invite to these sessions are from people who are on my mailing list. So when someone sends in a submission, I can’t distinguish them from my mailing list. If you have any questions about the notes or why this happens please feel free to contact me. And if you are new to Resonance Repatterning or any of the healing modalities used in the session feel free to ask.

When reading the notes, notice your own response to the statements that came up for clearing. In some areas of the session, it may be challenging to distinguish which statement applies to the pet and which applies to the owner.

As far as I know, the pets that got included in this session were dogs, cats, cattle (from two different properties), 2 hens, and a bird. Other animals may have been included. These were identified in the submissions. Maybe next year’s submission form will request the kind of animal that is in the session.

Examples of some issues that were submitted by the owners for the pets and animals:

  • Guilt and concern over leaving pets alone all day or while on vacation
  • reacting to loss (by owners and also by the surviving animal(s)
  • pet health (in all areas such as teeth, breathing, eating, and disease) and emotional health
  • rivalry amongst other animals showing up as aggression, jealousy and downright meanness and temper tantrums
  • fear of sounds, fear of tall men wearing hoodies, anxiety, excessive barking, not listening, doing ‘insane or crazy’ things such as taking off, or provoked when a water hose is running, lawn mower running or leaf blower
  • boundaries and territorialness
  • overall anxiety such as picking at one’s feathers and wanting to hide under the dishwasher
  • disharmony in the home environment to be cleared as it may be contributing to the pet’s issues

Examples of some intentions from the submisisions were all about harmony amongst the pets and the owners, feeling better about pets being left home alone while at work or while owner is on extended leave from home and pets are cared for by someone else. Had a request for clearing for disease, infection, cataracts, itching, swelling, and feeling fine while the pets are traveling with owners.

A few requests were for quality of life for the pets as some were in different stages of health and illness. Of note, one pet is having an issue with her hind legs. Well, you’ll see in the notes that thighs came up and the hind legs. …well, hind legs if there are 4 legs on the pet J

Session Notes

We began with an Intention for a New Possibility from Resonance Repatterning®.  Here are the statements that came up to clear to start us off:

“We achieve harmony, peace, comfort for our pets and animals. Negative energies in the field around them slough off (don’t stick to them). Negative feelings in the home are given back to the owners. The owner takes responsibility for their own feelings.

I am 100% committed to my intentions for my pet(s) with patience, integrity, joy, gratitude, love and I accept the divine plan for my life.”

Next we were guided to go to a repatterning  that focuses on food and spirituality. This particular repatterning is called: Food and Your Emotions Repatterning. So, the items that come up in this repatterning help to identify what it is that makes us lose our focus and perhaps give away our power. In psychology, this behavior is known as either an Internal Locus of Control or External Locus of Control. “Locus” is Latin for location. So, where does your point of control come from? From inside or outside of yourself?

From the repatterning: “If we have an internal locus of control we are much less concerned with pleasing others and more able to stop stuffing our emotions with food.” Additionally, if we are more geared to operate with an external locus of control then we tend to give our power away and allow others to make decisions for us. And when we do this, we almost always have a fair amount of anxiety because we aren’t relying on ourselves to bring forth our own insight or wisdom. We also have what’s called ‘learned helplessness’. Here are some statements from the repatterning that we all resonate with:

“I choose what’s best for me to eat, and when to eat.

I know I am responsible for my own needs expressing my feelings appropriately.

I claim the best of who I am and stop projecting my strengths on to others.

I stop looking for the parent who never showed up and develop my own strengths and talents.

I love myself and I am the source of the love I share with others.

It is safe to develop deep attachments to people.”

Then from ReDivining The Matrix®, we had to clear a specific percentage regarding how some or all of the pets were holding onto someone else’s traumas or pain. The pets checked at 100% that they were living someone else’s trauma. Phew! That’s a lot! It got cleared though. There’s so much we know about when pets hold or absorb others’ emotions. A few years ago my dog wasn’t healing and was losing weight. I contacted a friend and colleague who did some clearing work on my dog. This change in her health was during the time when my ex and I were going through a separation.   Time went by and so after my divorce, the practitioner assessed that my dog ‘felt responsible for my divorce’. Just like a child might do with his/her parents.

Another repatterning came up called the Disrupted Energy Repatterning. This identifies what chakra is out of balance and restores each chakra into balance for harmony in the bodies: emotional body, mental body, physical body and spiritual body. All of the chakras were out of balance. There was an inward moving disruption of energy in the Fire chakra. Some hallmarks of this chakra include not following through on commitments, refusing to change, lack of assertion, being frustrated with obstacles that are in your way. The Thoracic vertebrae that needed support here is T11. It supports the kidneys, ureters and skin. Some non-coherent statements that cleared and are related to this specific vertebrae are: “My self-image is poor, I am afraid of relationships. I am afraid of intimate relationships. I cannot let go.”

These all cleared!

Now, the Fire chakra is also in a Triad. Here are the three areas of the body that form the triad: Eyes, belly button, and thighs. For this group, here’s what needed support:  the Left eye, belly button, and both thighs(including front legs and hind legs).

The Water chakra needed support to help heal the soles of the feet (this is a sub-chakra for Water) and also the Crown chakra which was out of balance due to drugs.

To support these chakras, here are a few statements that the group resonates with:

“I am emotionally fulfilled.

I am peaceful. I am in harmony.”

Diffusion: this is a process to release stored/stuck energy in the body. It identifies what needs to be diffused and where in the body the energies need to be diffused from. Then a modality or modalities are needed to pull out those energies. First, these emotions were identified to clear from the pets’ body:

fear, abandonment, loss, terror, panic, sadness, loneliness, and feeling victimized.

And those emotions needed to be cleared from these areas:

  • the subtle bodies which are held outside the field of the physical body of the pets
  • the 26 Safety Energy Lock points from Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • back to the time for when the pet was in its Mother’s womb.

The Diffusion brings in movement, sound and a few other vibrational modalities to change out the negative energy from the body. I began with clearing the chakras from the crown to the earth chakra using a Herkimer Diamond pendulum. Next the group needed to hear a specific Quantum Healing Code. This specific frequency helps to soothe the body and bring in the Divine. And lastly, I had to do what’s called a Proprioceptive Movement with my feet. I had to move my feet from side to side. (remember I mentioned about the hind legs needing support?)

Lastly, the geometric shape called the Pentagon with its Five sides was needed to support the stomach, umbilicus, thighs, and third toes of the paws.

One of the last things to do for the clearing was to clear any disease and retention of toxins happening in the body. This part took 25 hours to clear and integrate so the session formally ended at 4pm on Friday.

No other modality was required when the session resumed on Friday. All the issues are cleared and the pets all resonate with the positive intentions the owners submitted. And the 25 hours of integration is completed as well.

Two observations to share with the group based on the submissions.  Some dogs need a ‘job’. Think about the breed of your dog and what are they known for? For instance, my Shetland Sheepdog is a herder. She tries to herd the Canadian Geese flying south to Florida, the kids on the street or the cars out front. While she goes bezerk doing this “herding’, I can’t get frustrated at her because she’s doing what she’s supposed to do! One submission related to a dog that was trained as a service dog. Per the note in the submission by the owner, this skill is no longer required of the dog and according to the owner she is misbehaving. Hopefully this session will support the natural tendencies of the pets and help them to settle down into a harmonized way of being with the owners.

The second thing I wanted to share for pets who are home alone all day due to the owner being away long hours at work or on vacation. When you leave the house or go away for extended periods of time, ask (make an intention) that a part of your High Self remain at home with your pet. This way, on some energetic level, your pet will feel your presence.

Many thanks to each of you and also to all the pets who participated! I still have a few Herkimer Diamond pendulums available for sale. Let me know if you are interested in this unique pendulum that clears toxins in the physical body and energetic bodies of the chakras. Cost: $52.00.

Another very helpful resource for pets is to use Flower Essences to support them for various behavior problems. You can order these online or many health food stores carry flower essences as well.

Next Pet session January 2018. If you are on my mailing list you’ll also receive notices of 4 other free sessions I do each year for folks on my newsletter list. There are two Equinox Repatternings and two Solstice Repatternings each year.

Many blessings to you and your pets~


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